Random Thought #14

Okay, just finished Agent Carter and let’s just say I will be very very upset if there isn’t a season two.

Very, very upset.


Come on, Agent Carter.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here, I am slowly getting more and more annoyed at Agent Carter. The show, not the character. She’s still hella awesome.
However, let’s keep in mind that this show is set in the late 1940s New York. They’ve got everything else on point: the fashion, the language, the music. One small tiny little detail missing though. Black people.
So far I’ve seen a grand total of two black people, one who was introduced and killed within 10 minutes and the other being an honorary member of the Howling Commandoes. He didn’t die, thank the stars. Black people still existed back then, you know. Marvel, I know representation isn’t your strongest suit but come on.
Here’s what’s bugs me the most. All that having more black people would do – even as background characters – is make the show more authentic, more realistic. I can literally see no additional problems with having black people. If you are going to deal with sexism on such a raw and brutal level, then you can’t completely ignore the racism of that time as well.
Also, if The Musketeers – which, may I point out, is set in the 1600s during a time which slavery was still very much a thing – can have black people and deal with racism on a reasonable level – I.e. the story doesn’t revolve around it but it is still dealt with (which cannot be an easy feat) – then really, Marvel has got nothing to complain about. They got Stan Lee to do a bloody cameo in it, it should be slightly easier to get a couple of black people involved. And that concludes my rant.

Please don’t think that due to the lack of racial diversity it is all of a sudden an awful show. This is just one detail that annoys me, it is still very much worth watching. Like I said, everything else is pretty much on point.