Random Thought #12

Why hasn’t Meryl Streep been cast as God yet?


Come on, Agent Carter.

I’m going to be blatantly honest here, I am slowly getting more and more annoyed at Agent Carter. The show, not the character. She’s still hella awesome.
However, let’s keep in mind that this show is set in the late 1940s New York. They’ve got everything else on point: the fashion, the language, the music. One small tiny little detail missing though. Black people.
So far I’ve seen a grand total of two black people, one who was introduced and killed within 10 minutes and the other being an honorary member of the Howling Commandoes. He didn’t die, thank the stars. Black people still existed back then, you know. Marvel, I know representation isn’t your strongest suit but come on.
Here’s what’s bugs me the most. All that having more black people would do – even as background characters – is make the show more authentic, more realistic. I can literally see no additional problems with having black people. If you are going to deal with sexism on such a raw and brutal level, then you can’t completely ignore the racism of that time as well.
Also, if The Musketeers – which, may I point out, is set in the 1600s during a time which slavery was still very much a thing – can have black people and deal with racism on a reasonable level – I.e. the story doesn’t revolve around it but it is still dealt with (which cannot be an easy feat) – then really, Marvel has got nothing to complain about. They got Stan Lee to do a bloody cameo in it, it should be slightly easier to get a couple of black people involved. And that concludes my rant.

Please don’t think that due to the lack of racial diversity it is all of a sudden an awful show. This is just one detail that annoys me, it is still very much worth watching. Like I said, everything else is pretty much on point.

The Musketeers, Agent Carter and Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Its been a while due to babysitting absolute maniacs i.e. my brothers, and not a lot of things have been watched. Most shows are either still on winter break or being saved for a binge watch at a later date. There are, however, a few shows that I simply cannot leave behind, shows that I eagerly await on a weekly basis, which I hate, because I spend a week waiting and craving with suspense and a little bit of anxiety for the next episode.

First of all: The Musketeers (BBC)
Yes, I know. Yet another adaption of the famous Alexandre Dumas book, this one, however, not featuring a zeppelin and a rather demented looking Orlando Bloom.

This one features many handsome men and familiar faces including Peter Capaldi as the Cardinal, Ryan Gage from the last two Hobbit films as King Louis the 16th and Luke Pasqualino from Skins as protagonist D’Artagnan.
This series is also different, so to speak. It is currently in its second season, and the first mainly consisting of introductions and questionable storylines, the second season focuses more on gritty realism and character development. There is a lot more blood and betrayal, and even for those who are familiar with Dumas’ work, there are themes that are tackled without fear in this series, which is why I like it so much. I recommend you watch it with an open mind and no expectations.

Right, next up: Agent Carter.
Readers, I am not even going to hide my excitement for this series.

I mean, it is incredible. I am in love with the late 1940s/1950s aestethic, so this show was everything I needed and more. Detective noir style, with a badass female lead, that loveable Marvel twist and regular intervals of jazz bring this show together for me. You might remember Agent Peggy Carter as a high ranking officer, founder of S.H.I.E.L.D – an organisation which most of the Marvel Universe revolves around – and Captain America’s love interest. She was seen in both of Cap’s films – a short, heartbreaking cameo in the second one. This show shows her dealing with Steve’s supposed demise, as well as going from a highly respected officer to being demoted as secretary. It really paints a good picture of the intense sexism going on during this time. Also, I think I need to talk about Jarvis, because he is such an important character. One might remember Tony Stark a.k.a Iron Man has a PA system which is so much more than a PA system – called J.A.R.V.I.S which, apparently stands for Just A Really Very Intelligent System. I totally bought this. I had no idea that Jarvis was actually a real person once, the family butler. Also the person who voices the system, James D’Arcy also plays the butler. I don’t really know why that excited me so much, but it did.
If you are a fan of Marvel, then you should definitely watch this. If you are a fan of 1950s clothing, then this is the show for you. If you live for regular intervals of jazz, then you probably should definitely watch this. Just saying.

And last, but by no means whatsoever least, Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Easily my favourite comedy on the air right now. The humour is something else, silly, witty and random all mixed into a glorious mixture. The winner of two Golden Globes, they have really taken the comedy business by storm. I think my favourite thing about this show is the characters. Excellently developed and completely against their stereotypes. Captain Raymond Holt (excellently portrayed by Andre Braugher), for example, is a gay black man who enjoys hula-hooping as a hobby. His personality, however, is somewhat similar to a robot. He smiles twice within 23 episodes. Its so unexpected, and yet a refreshing twist to his type of character.

How To Get Away With Murder starts again today, and I am VERY excited to see what happens after last year’s events. Season 2 of Broadchurch has started, which I most definitely will start as soon as things settle down a little.

But until next time,


Random Thought #8

So I saw this on Facebook:


And I just kinda lost it a little.


I just need a calm rational explanation. Keep in mind that while I’m aware that the Doctor and the Daleks have “history”, so to speak, and that may add to the scary factor, there are also Weeping Angels. You know, THE CREEPY AS FUCK STATUES THAT CAN KILL YOU BUT ONLY MOVE IN THE DARK SO YOU STARE AT THEM BUT THE LIGHT FLICKERS AND YOU ARE BASICALLY FUCKED AND ALSO THE STATUE OF LIBERTY WAS ONE CREEPY BIG ASS WEEPING ANGEL HOW IS THIS EVEN COMPARE TO THE INVERTED TIN BUCKET WITH THE MOST ANNOYING VOICE –

You see my point.