About Me


The owner of this blog is called Rivanna.

She likes writing, reading, watching television and films and falling in love with fictional characters. She is also a fan of cheesecake. In fact, she’s probably eating some right now. She does that.

She also has a bad habit of referring to herself in third person. She does this, so that it doesn’t look pompous when she describes herself as a brilliant, charismatic and kind soul, with, according to reports, the nicest cheekbones apart from Benedict Cumberbatch and big innocent eyes.

She is absolutely convinced that she is not of this Earth, but if you ask me, I think it’s because she is simply exceptional in life, and excels at it very well.

That, of course, was blatant lie.

In fact, most of what is written about is a lie. Apart from the cheekbones. And her hobbies. And the fictional character thing. Oh, and the cheesecake thing. Yeah.

I’ll just go now.


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