Gettting Away with Who and Random Though #4

I feel odd about this.

Not only has it been far too long – I did write a post about Skulduggery Pleasant on my tablet but it refuses to upload, so I’ve kind of abandoned that cause – it has been shamefully long. It really is because I have been busy, and crazy things have been happening, and nothing in life is certain or set in stone and basically reality came along and gave me a solid bitch slap in the face. That bitch slap did sting, which is why I needed a recovery period, but I am here now. All ready to go for another spurt of creative bullshitting. Huzzah.

Okay, so let’s talk about things. Television things. Feely things. Thought-like things.

Let’s start of with How to Get Away with Murder because HOLY CRAP.

Let me break this down for you. I’m not even going to talk about the brilliant content in this show. Ladies and gentlemen – but mainly ladies – allow me to introduce to you: a Guide to Introduce Regular Intervals of Hot Gay Sex and Make Everyone Be Okay With It by Shonda Rhimes, involving this guy, Jack Falahee:

I mean


He hot

He so hot

I would. Definitely.

Great actor as well. There is a section of the show in which he portrays who I would call Mad Connor, and he does that excellently.

Can i also talk about Viola Davis?

I mean

This woman

Has so many different levels of badassery

So many different levels of emotion


So many levels of just pure genius,

If she doesn’t win some kind of Emmy or an award or something, I will throw a hissy fit. You do not want to see me throw a hissy fit.

How to Get Away with Murder is something that should definitely be on your to-watch list. Put it on your to-watch list. Now.

Okay, next up, Doctor Who.

Now, I haven’t said much about Doctor Who since Matt Smith’s tearful farewell and Peter Capaldi’s uncertain appearance, but rest assured, I have been keeping up with these series. And there is now a special place in my heart for Peter Capaldi.

He is the grumpy, old, Scottish guy – emphasis on the Scottish because bloody hell, that level of brashness and sarcasm is not natural – that everyone complains about, but secretly loves.

I like him because he’s bad-tempered and tactless. He doesn’t really care about feelings in difficult situations – not at first anyway – but he manages with ill-tempered comments and brilliant wit. I like him because he is a drastic change from Matt Smith, which did, in fairness, make me miss him that bit more, but it makes me appreciate the new doctor that bit more as well. It made me realize how much I miss a hero – who’s not really a hero but whatever – who didn’t hug everyone, who’s priority wasn’t comforting words. This Doctor told the truth – which makes him more genuine, if that makes sense. That is why I like Peter Capaldi.

Summed up very well, Doctor.

So that is the main two things that happened this week. I’m also watch Gotham – with Friend Gwen – but that is going very slowly because we watch it together and I haven’t really fully formed an opinion yet. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D is also going, though I don’t like where it is going. Brooklyn Nine Nine has returned in full spirits and I think it sucks that the episodes are only 20 something minutes long.

Time for the Random Thought for today.

I decided to do multiple thoughts instead of a singular one because I may have abandoned this particular side of the blog for a while. My shower thoughts are personal and shower-induced and do not in anyway describe me or my normal thought processes.

Okay then:

~ *sings For the Dancing and the Dreaming from HTTYD2*

~ *sings After Ever After 2 by Jon Cozart*

~ *Re-sings the Elsa part of After Ever After 2 by Jon Cozart*

~ *Wonders how Jon Cozart managed to make such an innocent film so dark in a matter of thirty seconds*

~ *Wonders how Elsa would be as an evil queen*

~ *Tries to come up with a suitable salute for Elsa the Evil Queen*

~ *Tries to remember how Hitler used to salute*

~ *Fails to remember how Hitler salutes*

~ *Starts getting upset about how easy I have forgotten Hitler’s salute*

~ *Realise that getting upset over a salute was not very healthy for the mind*

~ *Wonders what else I have forgotten*

~ *Realises that I have been in the shower for over 15 minutes now*

~ *Realises that I have serious issues and I probably need to blog about them*

~ *Realises that I now have content for my old dusty blog*

~ *Gets out of shower traumatised and slightly horrified.*


Until next time,

Rivanna xx


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