The Dying of the Light/ my soul

Where to begin…

Skulduggery Pleasant was first introduced to me by Friend Sadhbh, who has long since outgrown the series, but hooked me at the word skeleton. It mixed my two favorite genres – fantasy and murder mystery – flawlessly. I’d say the series had the same effect on me as Harry Potter did. It became a significant part of what shaped my writing style, my genre preferences and my love for literature. It was part of childhood, something I grew up with.

And now it has ended.


The last book, The Dying of the Light, came out during the summer, and I am pretty sure it ruined everyone in one way or another. There are bits which were absolutely perfect. There were bits which broke my heart. Instead of closure, which is what the final book of a series should be about, I finished the book with so many more questions. The ending was far too optimistic for such a dark turn of events. It felt slightly unreal and convenient. Not just that, but the other books showed that secondary characters can play as big of a role in the plotline as the main ones. Of course, the Scrapegrace twist does exactly that, but the Scrapegrace twist is the only part of the book that does that. All the other characters are treated like temps, as if they didn’t have a significant part in the story at all.

It’s just upsetting to have your favorite series of all time end on such a disappointing note. But I guess there is nothing to be done about it.

Until next time,



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