How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Random Thought #3

I’ve done it. Watched it. And now I am reeling.

New favourite animated movie: How to Train Your Dragon 2.


I don’t understand, how could this have flopped? It’s better than the first film, more character development, more wittiness, more… Everything, really.

I mean, the animation already is just beautiful. The water actually looks wet. The ice looked solid as hell. The scenery looked almost real. It was a visual orgasm. The detail on Toothless was so much more refined. Hiccup has a little scar on his chin that I never noticed either. The story was brilliant. The villain, while being predictable, was also an interesting one. Some twists were entirely unpredictable.  I just want the third one already. Turns out they had to push back the date because the company is running out of money. I mean, I didn’t go see it in the cinema because they were only showing it in Dutch, which was vexing to say the least. What’s your excuse, huh?

Anyway, it’s out on DVD, so go nuts.

Okay, I know I’m a little late for random thoughts, but I was at Friend/Semi-Lover Mara’s house doing what friends/semi-lovers do (who is an absolutely wonderful person and also happens to be Friend CanaDan’s human) and I didn’t come home until it was too late.

So here’s the random thought I kinda came up with yesterday:

“But that’s what’s wrong with me. I’ve been telling myself ‘ The world will never be pleased.’ In order to be me, I need people. I need happy people. I need people to like me, or even acknowledge my presence. I don’t know why, I I fucking hate that part of me, but that’s just it. I’m a 18 year old girl dependant on other people’s happiness. This is how I am. I tried to change, I honestly did. I tried to not give a fuck, but it didn’t work. It’s not working. I concluded that it was just part of my personality. I’m a people pleaser.”

– Me having somewhat of a crisis yesterday. I’m much better now though.

Until next time,



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