Random Thought #2

I have a couple today:

1. I started watching How to Train Your Dragon 2 last night and I had to stop because I wasn’t okay. I might get through it tonight. Might being the key word.

2. I lost my phone, which is the suckiest feeling ever.

3. I have a friend Dan, who we call CanaDan because he’s Canadian and that is one of the best nicknames I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. So anyway, this guy is a great guy and we were talking about things and how he’s wonderful and he just came out with this:

“Occasionally there are people giving out free shit in Strange New Place (the place he moved to) but they ignore most of the not-21-super-attrative-student-type-peoples (it’s hard being one of them, but i persevere…) and i just want to wait for someone to come up to me and say “hey, come with me” then walk over to a homeless person not 10m away (there are a lot here, best climate in switzerland by far), give them the drink and say “i’m not saying give them everything, but if you have things to give out then give to those in need first”.”

You know, you meet good people everyday. You meet people who probably won’t kill you. You meet people who smile. But it’s rare to meet someone who is actually good. Not-a-bad-bone-in-his-body type.Like, it’s impossible to think badly of them in anyway. Dan is one of those people. And oddly enough, I wanna hug him, even though he is in Strange New Place. I’M HUGGING YOU CANADAN.

4. My housemate is wonderful.

And that concludes my random thoughts for today.

Until next time,



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