I was just about to go to bed…

When it hit me that today was reboot day. I was suppose to dust this blog off, and polish it with daily thoughts and weekly reviews. So here I am, good readers, writing half-asleep, and I don’t even know where I’m going with this. Where am I going with this? What should I write about? Have I introduced myself properly yet? I don’t think I have. Okay, so here’s a short thing about me and what I do. That aught to keep you all satisfied for a day. So:

– My name is Rivanna, which you knew.

– I’m 18 years old, which you also knew.

– I’m currently studying science in the marvelous city of Maastricht, which you may have guessed.

– My hobbies include painting random shit, writing random shit, reading random shit and watching random shit. I also like random shit, as you might suspect.

– I’m single and have always been. Honestly, guys, I’m here, and I’m nice. Sure I might be a little on the chubby side, sure my obsession with famous actors and fictional characters may be bordering on the unhealthy, but I honestly am a great person. Deep deep deep down.

– I just got a new laptop which I am calling the Refrigerator, simply because it is big and heavy and I love it so much. It’s old, but I honestly couldn’t care less.

– Food is, as you could have guessed, another obsession of mine. I make the most glorious cheesecakes, and I actually learned how to make scones over the summer. Bless your soul, Mary Berry.

– My accent isn’t what you would think it is. I’ve lived in England for a grand total of three totally insignificant years – from the age of 0 to 3 – and yet my accent is full blown English. You wanna know why? My parents speak to me in a partially British accent, I was raised on the BBC channels and I was constantly surrounded by English people. In Ireland, my accent did revert to Irish for a little, but to be honest, it didn’t really suit me. So I went British.

– Hopefully when I am finished with university, I can go do something completely different, maybe directing or acting or screenwriting. Who knows. Right now, Science is a priority.

– I also make some killer brownies.

There you go. Of course, you could read the rest of my blog to fully understand how my mind works, or you can wait until tomorrow, because tomorrow I will post Random Thought #1. Then you will see. Then you will all see…

On that fairly creepy note,

Until next time,



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