Tidbit of a tidbit

“You can’t tell them.” She stroked his chin, her long red nail trailing from his ear to the bleeding cut under his jaw. “They simply don’t want the truth.”

He strained against his bonds in vain and looked up at her, disgust evident in his eyes. “They deserve the truth.”

“They deserve nothing of the sort.” He heard her high heels click on the stone cold floor behind him, and he did his best not to flinch. “I am trying to save you.”

“I DO NOT NEED SAVING.” His voice rang through the chamber. She flinched from his outburst, and turned to face him, anger in her eyes.

“Tell them. Tell them all. Tell them about the monster inside, tell them what you are, what you can do. Then sit back, and watch the world burn. Watch them fight and struggle and rip you apart to grind your bones to ashes. Watch them destroy you, out of fear, out of greed. They don’t need you. They don’t want you. I do.”

Her eyes softened, and she cupped his chin in her hand. He shook his head, trying to shake the hand off, but she gripped him firmly, and brought his face right to hers, until their lips were nearly touching.

She whispered. “And I will save you.”


I wrote this about five seconds ago. I know it isn’t great, but it’s something. Perhaps this is a hopeful sign of recovery from my writer’s block. Tyrion’s amazingly epic speech in Game of Thrones inspired me a little. Tell the world, then watch it burn. I am very extremely curious to see what happens next.


Until next time,

Rivanna xx


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