Call me Lady Rant-a-lot.

How to begin…

How do people get through college? I mean, how do people go from being spoon-fed education and being treated like a child straight to someone saying ‘Okay, you are an adult now, sort shit out yourself’ overnight? And then they turn around and complain ‘oh, kids these days are growing up too fast, what’s the rush?’ And then students have to deal with the workload, with the sudden change in teaching methods, new people, new places. Do you know what?


My life is the kinda hectic where I can barely keep up with the shows I’m into right now. I have no assignments this weekend – WOOO – so I sense a movie or two on the way. Also, I made the life-altering decision of joining Tumblr, which is slowing taking over my life.

This blog is also slowly going down the drain. I want to keep it alive and moving, but what do I write about? It seems the talent I once had for writing has escaped me, because let’s face it, I have not written anything decent since last June, nearly a year ago. Writer’s block is looking more and more permanent everyday. I wonder how many people this has happened to. How many award-winning scripts, how many best-selling books have gone because the author just couldn’t get the words out? Well, I can’t write anymore, so I don’t really have an outlet anymore. No one wants to listen to my spewings of self pity and I don’t blame them, they probably have their own stuff to deal with.

Well, let’s hope that this ends sometime soon.

Until next time,




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