Darn you, Game of Thrones

So while I still delve into the whims of college life,  I managed to get hooked on yet another popular television show.  A daring one,  because it has no rules. Funny,  playing games without rules. Especially when it’s Game of Thrones.


You see,  Game of Thrones is really breaking the main-character-get-living-priority rule.  I guess that adds extra thrill to the story,  I guess that it makes things…  Unpredictable.  But they forget that we are humans. We get attached to things. And I am a fan girl.  I am programmed to get attached to things. Once every couple episodes,  my  cries of ‘You can’t do that!’ echoes through my apartment,  and I can just hear George R. R. Martin’s snigger when I sleep. Of course, when I asked people about this show and they use words like “heart-breaking”,  and I had my guard up,  preparing for an constant serial killing of main characters. But George is clever. He knew we would be tense and waiting. He waited until we let our guard slip,  until we started to think that all that hype was an over-reaction to it all.  Then,  when you least expect it, it strikes. Hard.

I want to put out a honest warning  to all those who wish to dive into the world of Game of Thrones. Don’t get me wrong.  It is incredible.  The standard of acting is very high.  The scenery, the script, hell even the guys in it are handsome. But it will get to you. You will finish watching the whole thing,  then curl-up into the fetal position,  and cry. And curse the day you ever got into Game of Thrones.

Now,  if you will excuse me,  I have some angry crying to catch up on.

Until next time,

Rivanna xx


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