A Whovian’s Plea

Christmas is, for most people, the most cheerful time of year. The presents, the drink, the cake, the food. But as I come from a non-religious family, we just do the cake and the food. The drinks are for those over twenty-one, because my parents believe in American juristication. Anyway, what really makes Christmas for me is the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I haven’t missed one in about five or six years. It’s the pinnacle of the evening for me. I am stuffed with food and as merry as they come, and Doctor Who completes it.

And now they take even that small pleasure away from me.

As most people, Whovian or not, will now know, our beloved Matt Smith is leaving us. I knew this day had to come, like every other day. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. I remember when David had to leave us, it was a similar affair. People took the news very badly. Hibernation for human was invented. Solitary confinement was a common phrase for those in this universe. And all this was repeated in June, when Matt first announced his retirement. I found comfort in my blanket and Twix bars, watching reruns of his adventures with the Ponds. Of course, David was my first doctor, and he was the best, but Matt Smith was my baby. Matt Smith was the reason why i fell in love with Doctor Who.


And now he’s leaving me.

But the BBC – the cocky bastards –  rub salt on my wounds. Why, if I may be so bold to ask, would you air such an emotionally charged episodes, one that ends and era and marks the start of another one ON CHRISTMAS DAY?! WHY?!

I swear, if i weren’t for the fact that Sherlock starts 6 days after, I would have gone somewhere far, far away, with my Twix bars and blanket, writing love/hate letters for Steven Moffat. It seems almost deliberate…

So, basically, I’m emotional because Matt is leaving, and I’m excited for Peter’s arrival, anxious to find out how Sherlock would handle an broken nose after John has dealt with him, and grumpy because I had my braces tightened and I might not be able to eat Christmas dinner. One simple does not ?not eat Christmas in our house. I think I’m willing to suffer through it.

I’m an emotional wreck.

How are the rest of you Whovians doing?


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