Holidaaaay! Celebraaate!

So I guess now that I have some time for myself in the form of a Halloween break, i should relax, right? I should wind down after all that college stuff and just chill, right?


Because I just had to follow the trend train, didn’t I?

I just had to start watching Supernatural.


And, as I do, i started to get obsessed. I guess that now I am officially a SuperWhoLockian.


I mean, just look at these incredibly fine men, who go around kicking Supernatural asses for a living.

How can you not watch that?

Besides, it is very educational. You learn about folklore and legends. Dean’s (the older brother) impeccable choice in music gives you a musical education, from Van halen to Ozzie Osborne. Aye, tis very educational indeed.

At least, that is what I tell my parents.

You also learn how stupid people, especially humans, can be. I mean, if there is an asylum for the criminally insane, and legend says it’s haunted, you don’t go there at night. It isn’t cowardice, it is common sense. If a window opens by itself, you do not stick your head out of it, like some poor bastard did today. Because, chances are, the window will magically shut again and you will magically have your head chopped off. We have all watched horror movies. They are there to help us learn. But no one heeds their advice.


I mean, even though I think fanfiction should be illegal, I have written two for Supernatural.


This is what it does, people. It absorbs you, drowns you with feels and spits you out again without mercy.

And I still have 8 and a half seasons to go.

Anyway, Supernatural is awesome. Watch it. Not now. When you have time. At Christmas or something. Seriously, if you start now, you cannot stop. Think Liam Neeson speech in Taken but instead, it’s Supernatural.

Yeah. That bad.

Until next time,

Rivanna xxx



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