The Glory that is Freedom

Well, I have a minute to spare to dust off this blog and give you a tiny update on things I’ve been watching.

So let’s start with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Adventure.


I’ve been told to watch this movie for months now, so I’ve finally found the time to watch it. And while the movie as a whole was fantastic, and martin Freeman was amazing, I had an issue with the CGI and with the fact that The Hobbit, which is one book, has been divided into three seperate movies. How much can you stretch out from one single book, the first movie having dragged on a bit as well? Well, Peter Jackson has yet to disappoint me, so let’s give him a chance.

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was bloody brilliant.


I cannot tell you how good this was. Tom Cruise, a man who tested my patience with MI 2 and MI 3 really pulled it back with this one. Backed up by Simon Pegg, Paula Patton and Jeremy Renner (yay), it gave us everything we wanted. I might have wanted a little bit more romance, but that’s just because I am a girl. Otherwise, this movie was completely and utterly kick-ass.

And last, but by no means whatsoever least, Castle.


I’ll admit it, I am addicted. I am so unhealthily addicted to this show. It has everything I want in a murder mystery: good, exciting and unusual cases, charm, quirkiness and yes, the odd hot dude to look at. Castle has all of these elements in abundance. Nathan Fillion, I could marry him right now. Stana Katic, I could easily marry her too. Right now, I am half way through Season 4, and as Season 6 has just started, I have plenty to be doing in the meantime. Including writing the essay on Sebastian Barry. Shoot me.

Until next time,

Rivanna xxx


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