Update on Television Shows That I may or may Not have Been Interested In

I know that I’ve been obsessive with movies lately, so I thought I’ll give you a rundown on TV-Shows/ TV-Movies (mini-series) that I have been watching:

·         Doctor Who


How could I not? With the recent announcement of Peter Capaldi’s new job, I simply had to revisit the old days of the Tennant and the Smith. They are legends in our eyes, and yes, I did go into solitary confinement once I heard Matt Smith was quitting the show.


·            Royal Pains


A doctor, just fired from his hospital (after being wrongly blamed for a patient’s death) and dumped by his fiancée, is saved by his younger brother, who moves him to the Hamptons. There, the doctor finds himself a brand new job as a concierge doctor. Definitely worth a watch, gives many handy tips on how to save lives using household objects. Also, Hank is nice to look at, Evan is funny – too funny – and I want to be Divya’s friend. Also, this is where I first saw my new best friend, Ezra Miller; star from Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is a little repetitive, but hey.

 ·         Dancing on The Edge:


One-off drama series set in 1930’s London, when jazz was a brand new sound to Britain, and black people a new sight. It’s surprisingly heart-wrenching, especially for me, but it tells the truth in the best way the truth can be told: through the wonderful medium of music. It also features recent loves of mine, Matthew Goode and Angel Coulby.

  ·         Misfits


A couple of teenage delinquents get superpowers during a storm. It is much better than it sounds. And Robert Sheehan.

 ·         Castle


I have just started watching this last week and OH MY GOD WHY HAVEN’T I SEEN THIS BEFORE?? I feel like I have wasted my life watching mediocre murder mystery/comedies with charming men when Castle was just sitting there.


I already proposed to Nathan Fillion. I’m sure a ‘Hell yeah!’ is coming my way soon.

·         Treasure Island


This is a two part film based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s infamous book. It’s a lot darker than the other known adaption, which is why I like it. It’s gritty and well-thought out. Also, Elijah Wood is in it, as well as Eddie Izzard with the coolest tattoo ever. Also, Toby Regbo, who plays Jim Hawkins, is also a handsome fellow.

·         Psych


Only my favourite show in the world. A guy, with a talent for observing small details, cons the Santa Barbara Police Department into thinking that he is a psychic detective and, along with his partner, Gus, he solves cases and cracks jokes and makes movie references. It is so good and so witty. WATCH IT.


·         Young Justice


One of the few cartoons I would actually waste my time and watch. All the DC Comics superheroes sidekicks come together and form a team, which they call one of the most beautiful and original names: The Team. It’s one of the better superhero cartoons I’ve seen, and it isn’t afraid to break your heart.

Oh, forgive me.

They aren’t sidekicks.

So that is all for now.

Until next time,

Rivanna xxx


2 thoughts on “Update on Television Shows That I may or may Not have Been Interested In

  1. Hey Rivanna,
    I loved the way you described the shows, and they all seem pretty interesting, and I surely going to watch psych.

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