As requested

So I’ve been asking around and there were a few movies that people wanted me to talk about. And because I am a nice person, I might just do that.

Now, Friend Ciara recommended Red Dawn starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck and Josh Hutcherson. Haven’t watched it yet, but don’t you worry Ciara, it’s bookmarked and on the list to be watched.

Friend Kelly asked me to talk about some classics: Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Star Trek and so on. Now, I don’t claim to be the biggest Star Trek fan, or the biggest Star Wars fan, but I’ll do my very best to re-watch them and dedicate a blog entry to these very worthy causes.

However, I am going to start with Friend Sinead, who had asked me to talk about Sherlock Holmes. There are different interpretations of this infamous character, so I am going to take the obvious two television adaptions (Sherlock and Elementary) and the movie adaptions (the Robert Downey Jr. ones).

So, to start with Sherlock.

Now, I am sitting here, behind the computer, and I am trying so hard not to start fangirling.

I’m trying really, really hard.

I watched this for the first time, about a year and a bit ago. And I completely fell in love with it. It was a modern day approach to the old books. It was sharp, it was witty, it was basically perfection in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, director Paul McGuigan and writer Steven Moffat. The brotherly chemistry between John Watson and Sherlock Holmes shows that while Sherlock may appear cold-hearted and mean, he actually cares, if only barely.

Favourite quote of all time:

My favourite episode so far has got to be ‘Scandal in Belgravia’ or, as I call it, the Irene Adler one. The chemistry between Sherlock and Irene are unparalleled. And, yes, it did make me green with envy.

Funny, actually, that I should mention Sherlock, as a new season has been filmed and it is ready to go. The BBC released a teaser trailer, and I must say, I did sit and scream for about ten minutes.

Okay, okay. Fifteen.

Behold, my new reason to live:

*screams for about ten to fifteen minutes*

Okay, now let’s talk Elementary.

Like Sherlock, it was a modern day approach to Sir Athur Conan Doyle’s series.

Because I was a major Sherlock fan, when I heard about Elementary, I was absolutely disgusted.

How dare they take a British creation, I said, and put it in America, New York, nevertheless? How dare they make John Watson a woman? (NOTE: I wasn’t mad at the fact that it was a woman who played John, but rather at the fact that the beautiful chemistry between John and Sherlock will now be lost, because the chemistry between man and woman isn’t the same as the chemistry between two men.) HOW DARE THEY NOT PUT IN LESTRADE?

Well, I take all that back. It seemed that they knew that the Sherlock crowd would protest, so they brought out the big guns: Jonny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu. Lucy Lui, I already loved because she’s kick-ass. Jonny, not so much. Love the socks, though.

I love him nearly as much as Benedict. Because while Benedict’s portrayal of the Sherlock Holmes’ character is cold and steely, Jonny’s portrayal shows a little more weakness. For example, Jonny’s Sherlock was a drugs addict, and moved to New York into a rehabilitation centre. Joan Watson, as she was called in the series, was his sober companion, and she also had a tainted history.

Though note that I did say that I loved him nearly as much as Benedict, because frankly, a precious few can beat Benedict Cumberbatch’s acting.

Onwards to the movie adaptions!


Sherlock Holmes was a movie based on the actual books in the correct time period. Robert Downey Jr. stars along with Mark Strong, Rachel McAdams and Jude Law, and was directed by Guy Ritchie.

Brilliant? Absolutely.

Kick-ass? Hell, yeah.

Fit people in it? Well, with Robert Downey Jr.’s perfectly crafted hair, and Jude Law’s strangely attractive moustache, it is quite a good looking movie, yes. However, I think the gentlemen would appreciate the tight-fitting bodice and the rather wonderful costume Rachel McAdams wears at the end.

Robert Downey Jr.’s English accent? Acceptable.


Sherlock Holmes is a fucking amazing character. Thank you, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, for inventing this mad character and for making my life that bit better.

Until next time,

Rivanna xxx


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