As I Promised

I promised earlier in the week that I’ll make a list of actors/people/god-like creatures who have nice voices/accents, and that I would share with you the delight I feel in hearing his or her voices.

Note that these are in no particular order; they are just some of the people that have a beautiful voice.

·       Morgan Freeman: African-American, actor, documentary person, overall epic person



·       Robert Downey Jr: American, actor, singer, lovable smartass


·       James McAvoy: Scottish, actor, funny man, sings quite well





·       Gerard Butler: Scottish, actor, singer, excellent at spewing water on other people:




·       Tom Hiddleston: English, bad-ass bad guy in The Avengers and Thor, actor, very smiley



·       Greg James: English, BBC Radio 1 presenter, likes to wear dresses, funny man on BBC 3




·       Hugo Weaving: British Australian, actor, known for V for Vendetta, Wears a beardquite well.




·       Justin Timberlake: American, actor, singer, had sex with Mila Kunis and got away with it.





·       Michael Bublé: Canadian, singer, cheese.



·       David Tennant: Scottish, actor, Waved around a screwdriver for about 3 years




·       Chris Hemsworth: Australian (I know, I didn’t know either), actor, looks great with long blonde hair



·       Jake Gyllenhaal: American, actor, does a kick-ass English accent, still looks good with brown extentions.



·       Hugh Jackman: Australian, actor, Broadway, made out of indestructible metal



·       Johnny Depp: I don’t really need to put anything here, do I?




If there is anyone else you think that should be added, comment below, tweet me @FunkyPenguin_95 or email me your own list at


Hopefully, I can recover from this beautiful, beautiful listin time to tell you about a new show I am watching called Dancing on The Edge.


Until next time,


Rivanna xx


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