So I finished Broadchurch.

And, as TV shows have a bad habit of doing, it broke my heart. Of course it did.

I’m a murder-mystery fanatic, so I watched it with what I thought was an open mind. Anyone could have been the murderer. At one stage, I even suspected Olly Stevens – pretty but innocent Olly Stevens (Jonathan Bailey) – but at the end, it turned out to be someone I didn’t even bother to suspect.

Which is why my heart was broken.

Should you watch it? Well, yes, BECAUSE IT IS FLIPPIN’ BRILLIANT, but I must warn you, it is not for the faint-hearted. If you are prone to crying at the slightest thing, then you will be crying through all eight episodes of this show.

I’m a steel-hearted person, you see, so I don’t cry easily.

But I’ve never been this moved since the Sherlock season finale. And God knows, how much I swore for the weeks after. I didn’t cry, I just swore.

Because I’m so hardcore, it’s ridiculous.

I also watched Snow White and the Huntsman.

This featured Chris Hemsworth with a surprisingly good Scottish accent, Kirsten Stewart with a surprisingly good English accent, and Charlize Theron, who looked amazing, as per usual.

This is the grotesque-twist-on-classic-fairytales angle again, like they did with Alice in Wonderland, Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel.

But is it working?

I was very excited for Alice in Wonderland, because Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway and the Legend that is Helena Boham Carter are in it. And because Tim Burton was directing and Tim Burton is also legend. And because Johnny Depp is in it.

But I was disappointed, because the ending was annoyingly predictable.

And frankly, Mia Wasikowska annoys me too.

She’s annoyingly curious, and annoyingly brave and annoyingly annoying when people asked her questions. I don’t think it was her – Mia – necessarily, because I’ve seen what she can do in Jane Eyre and Stoker. It could have been the script. I

As Snow White and The Huntsmen was produced by the same people who produced Alice in Wonderland, I set myself up for disappointment.

The view of Alice as a sweet innocent girl is completely erased, removing all traces of the cute little fairytale. This also happened in Red Riding Hood, where Amanda Seyfried’s character Valerie seems to be a bit of a player. That is not cute or innocent.

That ruined that fairytale forever.

Don’t get me started on Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters. Don’t get me wrong, that movie was good, but it seemed a little bit more gory than necessary.

However, in Snow White and The Huntsman, Snow White remains pure and innocent until the end, which goes against the grain of the grotesque twist. In fact, SWATH is like the original, without all the prettiness and brightness and the oh-so happy ending.

So I give it a three out of five.

You should watch it anyway, just to see Chris Hemsworth handle an axe like the mo-fo he isJ

By the way, I’m sorry for writing this so late. I have had a long week.

A very long week.

If I make until next time,

Rivanna xx


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