A Brand New Day

This is a brand new experience for me, so stick with it.

I am Rivanna, 17, and, let’s face it; I am a pretty amazing person.

I’m not pretty in anyway. I mean, I’m bigger than average, I have man-sized feet, and a man’s voice.

But I am a great writer. By God, am I a great writer. I mean, I am a genuinely brilliant writer. I’ve been published and everything 😀 Well, partially published, but whatever.

I aspire to be a world famous writer/screen-writer/director/actress (only if all else fail) and I also hope to be a doctor and live in Brazil or Ghana. Or wherever, really, I’m not picky.

My blogs are going to be a glorious mixture of amusements, rants, and reviews, which will enlighten your sense of the world, and yes, emphasize the magnificence of my amazingness.

With every blog, I will try and review something, be it a movie, a TV-series, a book, an album, whatever, and I will always try to put the Who, Where, When and Why at the end:

Who: The kind of people that should watch/see/read/listen to ect said thing being reviewed.

Where: Best place to watch/see/read/listen to said thing being reviewed. What? I like being thorough.

When: OPTIONAL, E.g. You can only watch Iron Man 2 after you watched Iron Man 1. (Not true, but just an example)

Why: Why should you watch/see/read/listen to said thing being reviewed. Apart from the fact that I said so. Which should be good enough for anyone, really.

Note: I am in no way responsible for how this blog affects you, all the images for this blog are probably taken from Google Images or my own personal collection and this blog might not be as great as I make it out to be.

So because it’s Thursday, I am going to write about my *drum roll*:

                                         ALBUM OF THE WEEK :

Bastille: Bad Blood


I’ll be honest with you; I am what the kids call a hipster. You see, I knew Bastille when they released ‘Flaws’ as their first single and I loved them. I LOVED THEM FIRST. Then Pompeii came out, and everyone started to love them. WELL, I LOVED THEM FIRST. And I will always love them.

Bastille experiment with different sounds, from a Mumford & Sons sound (Daniel in The Den) to a more Coldplay sound (Overjoyed), and they excel at both ends. But there are songs on the track that would be distinctively ‘Bastillian’, if you like: Flaws and Laura Palmer would be perfect examples.

There is one thing that annoyed me about this album. With every other album, there is always that one song that I don’t like. Even with Mumford & Sons – who are among my favourite artists – there is always that one song I would wilfully skip.

With Bad Blood, there was not a single one. Not one.

Not a single one.

So that’s one less star for you, Bastille.


Who: Fans of Coldplay, Arcade Fires, Mumford and Sons, Snow Patrol, anyone with a decent taste in music.

Where: On the bus or while doing the dishes. Best places, really.

When: Um, right now. Go on. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/bad-blood/id584375368 <– Legally, of course.

Why: Do I really need a reason? BECAUSE ITS BLOODY BRILLIANT! Geddit? Bad Blood? Bloody brilliant? Eh?

So that’s what I think. I hope you enjoyed it.

Comment below on your thoughts on today’s review.


Rivanna xx



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